Team Proline,

I would like to thank you for continue dedication and support to Sun Edison this year. Your Service and expertise, customer driven service and reliability were extremely critical to our success on all of our Utility Projects in NM and AZ, we couldn’t have made without you.

As the New Year approaches I’m looking forward to have another great success year in 2012 along side with Proline as we have built a very professional relationship and with great results. You been through thick and thin since the beginning with Sun Edison and would like to reiterate my appreciation. As we always mentioned here in Sun Edison reliability and flexibility is the Key to our success and Proline has been tested to be that kind of Company. You have met all of our needs this year and expectations and deserve an A rating, a hug and a big thank you for all your hard work on behalf of Sun Edison.

Have a happy and safe New Year alongside with your friends and love ones!